micronaut 4.6.0-SNAPSHOT API

This package contains the Annotation processors that power Micronaut.
This package contains Visitor pattern elements for Annotation processing.
The main classes implementing cross-cutting behavior in Micronaut.
The interception chain for AOP.
AOP Advise exceptions.
Proxy writers.
This package contains the AST transforms for Groovy that power Micronaut.
AST Util transformations for injection.
Visitor context when visiting groovy code.
Netty HTTP Byte buffer.
This package contains the core classes for starting a BeanContext.
Contains core annotations related to Dependency Injection and the Bean Container.
Contains classes and interfaces related to conditional beans.
Additional TypeConverter instances related to the BeanContext.
Classes related to the Micronaut environment.
Property loading for YAML formatted files.
Contains classes related to ApplicationContext event publishing and consuming.
Contains common exceptions thrown from the BeanContext.
Contains interfaces related to annotation processing.
Contains interfaces related to the definition of custom scopes.
Additional visitors.
Micronaut core annotation classes.
Supplier helper methods.
Micronaut core async processing.
Micronaut core async publishing.
Micronaut core async subscribers.
Micronaut core attribute holder.
This package provides interfaces and abstractions to introspect beans with bean metadata computed at compilation time.
Micronaut core argument and property bind classes.
Micronaut core bind annotation classes.
Exceptions that occur during data binding.
Micronaut core CLI dispatch level.
Micronaut core CLI exceptions.
Micronaut core type conversion classes.
Micronaut core type conversion exceptions.
Micronaut core type conversion formatting.
Micronaut core type conversion of multiple values.
Common exception handling classes.
Micronaut core input/output.
Micronaut core buffer factory.
Micronaut core file i/o.
Micronaut core scan with annotation.
Micronaut core i/o service classes.
Micronaut core i/o socketutils.
Micronaut core name resolution.
Micronaut core name conventions for properties and methods, etc.
Micronaut core ordered objects.
Micronaut core reflections utils.
Micronaut core reflection exception.
Micronaut core object serializations.
Micronaut core object serialization exceptions.
Micronaut core argument types.
Micronaut core utilities.
Contains a forked implementation of ConcurrentLinkedHashMap.
Micronaut utilities to resolve a Locale.
Micronaut core property and value resolution.
Micronaut core comparing versions.
Main client abstraction used for service discovery.
Common cloud interface classes.
Common configuration discovery settings.
Discovery of events.
Discovery exceptions.
Discovery metadata.
Discovery registration.
A set of classes to support a programming model for Server-less application development using Micronaut
Function discovery classes.
Function client aop advice.
Function client exceptions.
Http executor.
Local function.
Function executions sent to Micronaut.
Classes to support exposing FunctionBean instances over the web
Utilities for use with GraalVM native image.
Micronaut health indicator classes.
HTTP classes to represent methods, responses and attributes.
HTTP annotations representing various requests types that are received.
Classes specific to binding request data to methods.
HTTP server request binding annotation for various request types.
Core HTTP Client Library.
Annotations associated with the HTTP client.
HTTP Client exceptions.
Client filter implementations.
HTTP introduction advice.
Client versioning configuration.
HTTP load balance strategies.
HTTP Netty multipart requests.
HTTP Client requests, interfaces and configuration.
Netty client SSL.
Contains classes specific to WebSocket handling in the client.
Contains client interfaces for reading Server Sent Events (SSE).
Classes representing HTTP decoding.
Contains classes for resolving and handling the current server HttpRequest.
Contains classes for relates to events HttpRequest.
Contains converters specific to HTTP.
HTTP cookies classes.
HTTP exceptions.
HTTP filter chain.
HTTP multipart requests and file upload.
Netty HTTP implementations.
Netty Thread factory.
Netty HTTP content utils.
Netty Cookies.
NOTICE: Classes in this package are forked from https://github.com/playframework/netty-reactive-streams.
Contains classes for streaming http requests and responses
Netty specific classes for WebSocket.
Resource loader factory.
HTTP server configuration.
HTTP server request binding.
HTTP encoders.
Contains classes specific to CORS support within Micronaut.
HTTP server exceptions.
Classes related to multipart requests received by a server.
Netty server classes for Micronaut.
Netty argument binders.
Netty server configurations.
Netty converters for various data types.
Netty channel output handling.
JSON Jackson content processing.
Netty server multipart upload classes.
Netty SSL.
Netty Server WebSocket support classes.
HTTP server customizable response type.
Special file type handlers.
Utilities used in the context of an HTTP server.
Micronaut's utilities to resolve a Locale for an HTTP request.
Simple HTTP request and response classes.
Simple HTTP cookies classes.
Default server sent request.
HTTP SSL Authentication.
HTTP URI Matching.
HTTP Util classes.
Contains the core dependency injection interfaces.
Contains classes for reading and writing annotation metadata at compile time.
Internal annotation mappers, not for public consumption.
The AST package contains a generic AST over different languages (currently Groovy, Java and Kotlin).
The AST package contains internal classes to support annotation metadata on Element instances.
Contains implementations for compile time bean introspection.
Type visitor implementations for producing BeanIntrospection instances.
Contains classes for reading and writing Configuration metadata at compile time.
Injection process handling.
Internal package to support injection providers of various types.
Contains support classes for creating Bean Qualifier instances.
Interfaces and types specific to validating BeanDefinition instances.
Contains interfaces for defining type visitors that work across languages.
Contains classes responsible for using ASM to write bean metadata to disk.
Configuration for the Jackson JSON parser.
Jackson parser annotation.
JSON media type decoding.
JSON property loader.
JSON conversion to objects structures and vice versa.
Contains factories for modules.
Jackson object serializer.
Jackson bean binding to properties.
Micronaut endpoint configuration.
Annotations for defining management endpoints.
Endpoint bean definition.
Endpoint bean definition implementation.
Environment management endpoint.
Endpoint health.
Support classes for returning the correct health result from the HTTP server.
Info aggregation from resources.
Implementations of Info aggregation.
Endpoint info configuration.
Loggers management endpoint.
Implementation specific classes for the logging system.
Endpoint route building and processors.
Endpoint refresh state.
Route endpoint and data collection.
Route data implementations.
Server stop endpoint.
Thread dump endpoint and data collection.
Health aggregation.
Health indicator.
Health discovery.
Diskspace configuration and indicator.
JDBC status indicator.
Continuous monitoring of health status.
Messaging related to classes.
Messaging related annotations.
Messaging related exceptions.
Retry State containers.
Retry AOP annotations.
Events triggered on retry.
Retry exceptions.
Retry interceptors and states.
Main entrypoint for Micronaut.
Command line property source.
Annotations for context scope.
Refresh handling.
Runtime time conversion.
Common applications events.
Event related annotations.
Runtime exceptions.
Runtime HTTP decoding.
Embedded server.
Server shutdown and startup events.
Scheduling execution services.
Scheduling annotations.
Classes related to handling the Async annotation.
Scheduling for Cron expressions.
Scheduling Exceptions.
Scheduling Execution configuration and factory.
Interfaces for simplifying instrumentation of ExecutorService instances.
Classes related to file watch.
Events related to file watch changes.
Classes related to file watch on OS X.
Scheduled method processing.
Package to organize classes responsible for validating route arguments at compile time.
Package to store classes that provide route validation rules.
This package includes visitors specific to compile time validation and checks for async related elements.
This package includes visitors specific to compile time validation and checks for websocket related elements.
Route based method matching classes derived from URIs.
Route exceptions.
Route based naming strategies.
Qualifiers based on type.
Route resource and configuration.
Stores classes related to versioning routes.
Classes related to routes' versioning resolution.
Classes and interfaces for supporting WebSocket.
WebSocket specific annotations.
Package containing binding related classes.
Classes related to handling of WebSocket beans.
WebSocket server event types.
WebSocket related exceptions.
Implementation classes for ClientWebSocket advice.