Interface EmbeddedApplication<T extends EmbeddedApplication>

Type Parameters:
T - EmbeddedApplication
All Superinterfaces:
ApplicationContextLifeCycle<T>, ApplicationContextProvider, AutoCloseable, Closeable, LifeCycle
All Known Subinterfaces:
EmbeddedServer, NettyEmbeddedServer
All Known Implementing Classes:
MessagingApplication, NettyHttpServer

public interface EmbeddedApplication<T extends EmbeddedApplication> extends ApplicationContextLifeCycle<T>

An EmbeddedApplication is a runnable application that starts and manages the ApplicationContext.

This interface is the parent interface of EmbeddedServer which formalizes the concept of a server that exposes a port and address

Applications that did not expose a port and address (messaging applications, CLI applications etc. may wish to use this interface instead

Graeme Rocher
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  • Method Details

    • getApplicationContext

      ApplicationContext getApplicationContext()
      Description copied from interface: ApplicationContextProvider
      Resolves the ApplicationContext for this class.
      Specified by:
      getApplicationContext in interface ApplicationContextProvider
      The ApplicationContext for the server
    • getApplicationConfiguration

      ApplicationConfiguration getApplicationConfiguration()
      The ApplicationConfiguration instance
    • getEnvironment

      default Environment getEnvironment()
      The Environment for the server
    • isServer

      default boolean isServer()
      This method returns whether the application is a server application or not. Server applications require that the thread be kept a live, preventing the application from exiting.
      True if the application is a server
    • isForceExit

      default boolean isForceExit()
      Most servers shutdown cleanly, however some integrations make require a forced exist. If true is returned Micronaut will explicitly invoke System.exit(...).
      Whether exiting the server should be forced.