Class AnnotationValue<A extends Annotation>

Type Parameters:
A - The annotation type
All Implemented Interfaces:
AnnotationValueResolver, ValueResolver<CharSequence>
Direct Known Subclasses:

public class AnnotationValue<A extends Annotation> extends Object implements AnnotationValueResolver
A runtime representation of the annotation and its values.

This class implements the AnnotationValueResolver interface and methods such as ValueResolver.get(CharSequence, Class) can be used to retrieve the values of annotation members.

If a member is not present then the methods of the class will attempt to resolve the default value for a given annotation member. In this sense the behaviour of this class is similar to how a implementation of Annotation behaves.

NOTE: During the mapping or remapping, nullable stereotypes value means that the stereotypes will be filled from the annotation definition, when empty collection will skip it.
Graeme Rocher