Interface BeanIntrospection<T>

Type Parameters:
T - The bean type
All Superinterfaces:
AnnotationMetadata, AnnotationMetadataDelegate, AnnotationMetadataProvider, AnnotationSource, ArgumentCoercible<T>, BeanInfo<T>, Ordered
All Known Subinterfaces:
EnumBeanIntrospection<E>, UnsafeBeanInstantiationIntrospection<T>
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractEnumBeanIntrospectionAndReference, AbstractInitializableBeanIntrospection, AbstractInitializableBeanIntrospectionAndReference

public interface BeanIntrospection<T> extends AnnotationMetadataDelegate, BeanInfo<T>
A BeanIntrospection is the result of compile time computation of a beans properties and annotation metadata.

This interface allows you to instantiate and read and write to bean properties without using reflection or caching reflective metadata, which is expensive from a memory consumption perspective.

BeanIntrospection instances can be obtained either via getIntrospection(Class) or via the BeanIntrospector.

A BeanIntrospection is only computed at compilation time if the class is annotated with Introspected.

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