Class ConnectionManager


@Internal public class ConnectionManager extends Object
Connection manager for DefaultHttpClient. This class manages the lifecycle of netty channels (wrapped in ConnectionManager.PoolHandles), including pooling and timeouts.
Note: This class is public for use in micronaut-oracle-cloud.
  • Method Details

    • alloc

      public final io.netty.buffer.ByteBufAllocator alloc()
      Allocator for this connection manager. Used by micronaut-oracle-cloud.
      The configured allocator
    • start

      public final void start()
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    • shutdown

      public final void shutdown()
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    • isRunning

      public final boolean isRunning()
      Whether this connection manager is still running and can serve requests
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    • connect

      public final reactor.core.publisher.Mono<ConnectionManager.PoolHandle> connect(DefaultHttpClient.RequestKey requestKey, @Nullable @Nullable BlockHint blockHint)
      Get a connection for non-websocket http client methods.
      requestKey - The remote to connect to
      blockHint - Optional information about what threads are blocked for this connection request
      A mono that will complete once the channel is ready for transmission