Class ConnectionManager.PoolHandle

Enclosing class:

public abstract static class ConnectionManager.PoolHandle extends Object
Handle for a pooled connection. One pool handle generally corresponds to one request, and once the request and response are done, the handle is released and a new request can claim the same connection.
  • Method Details

    • channel

      public final channel()
    • http2

      public final boolean http2()
    • taint

      public abstract void taint()
      Prevent this connection from being reused, e.g. because garbage was written because of an error.
    • release

      public void release()
      Close this connection or release it back to the pool.
    • canReturn

      public abstract boolean canReturn()
      Whether this connection may be returned to a connection pool (i.e. should be kept keepalive).
      Whether this connection may be reused
    • notifyRequestPipelineBuilt

      public abstract void notifyRequestPipelineBuilt()
      Notify any NettyClientCustomizer that the request pipeline has been built.