Class AbstractCompositeCustomizer<C,R>

Type Parameters:
C - The actual customizer class. Must also be implemented by the AbstractCompositeCustomizer subclass.
R - The ChannelRole type.

@Internal public abstract class AbstractCompositeCustomizer<C,R> extends Object
Base class for the composite customizers for the client and server. The APIs are structured quite similarly, but it doesn't make sense to merge them because writing generic code for them does not make sense, so this class exists to at least merge the composition behavior (ordering and such).
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractCompositeCustomizer

      protected AbstractCompositeCustomizer(List<C> members)
    • AbstractCompositeCustomizer

      protected AbstractCompositeCustomizer()
  • Method Details

    • add

      public void add(C customizer)
      Add customizer.
      customizer - Customizer
    • specializeForChannel

      protected abstract C specializeForChannel(C member, channel, R role)
    • makeNewComposite

      protected abstract C makeNewComposite(List<C> members)
    • specializeForChannel

      @NonNull public final C specializeForChannel(@NonNull @NonNull channel, @NonNull R role)
    • forEach

      protected final void forEach(Consumer<C> consumer)