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Step by step tutorials to get you productive as quickly as possible
Micronaut Documentation: Dev & Test

Dev & Test

  • Micronaut Test

    Testing framework (Junit5/Spock) extensions for Micronaut
  • Micronaut Test Resources

    Test resources integration (like Testcontainers) for the Micronaut Framework
  • Micronaut Control Panel

    The Micronaut Control Panel module provides a web UI that allows you to view and manage the state of your Micronaut application, typically in a development environment
Micronaut Documentation: Most Popular

Most Popular

Micronaut Documentation: Build


Micronaut Documentation: Data Access

Data Access

Micronaut Documentation: Database Migration

Database Migration

Micronaut Documentation: Errors


Micronaut Documentation: Messaging


Micronaut Documentation: Analytics


Micronaut Documentation: API


Micronaut Documentation: Cloud


  • Micronaut AWS

    Configuration to integrate Micronaut and Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Micronaut Azure

    Integration between Micronaut and Microsoft Azure
  • Micronaut Object Storage

    Provides a uniform API to create, read and delete objects in the major cloud providers. Supports Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Object Storage)
  • Micronaut Discovery Client

    Integration with Service Discovery systems such as Eureka and Consul.
  • Micronaut GCP

    Integration between Micronaut and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Micronaut Kubernetes

    Integration between Micronaut and Kubernetes
  • Micronaut Oracle Cloud

    Configuration to integrate Micronaut and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Pulsar

    Integration between Apache Pulsar and Micronaut.
  • Tracing

    Integration with both Zipkin and Jaeger (via the Open Tracing API).
Micronaut Documentation: Configuration


  • Micronaut TOML

    Micronaut TOML is the TOML configuration adapter for the Micronaut Framework.
Micronaut Documentation: Languages


  • Micronaut Groovy

    GORM integration and projects that enhance the Micronaut and Groovy language experience
  • Micronaut Kotlin

    Integrations between Micronaut and Kotlin and Ktor.
Micronaut Documentation: Misc


  • Micronaut ACME

    Ordering, renewing and automatically installing certificates via Automatic Certificate Management Environment (ACME).
  • Micronaut Cache

    Additional cache implementations (Redis, Hazelcast...).
  • Micronaut Chatbots

    Create Telegram, Slack, Google Chat Bots with the Micronaut Framework.
  • Micronaut Crac

    Adds support for CRaC (Coordinated Restore at Checkpoint) to the Micronaut Framework.
  • Micronaut Email

    Integration with email providers such as Amazon Simple Email Service, Postmark, Mailjet or SendGrid.
  • Micronaut Picocli

    Provides integration between Micronaut and Picocli
  • Micronaut Security

    Built-in security features. Authentication providers and strategies, Token Propagation...
  • Micronaut Session

    Integration for HTTP sessions with the Micronaut Framework.
  • Micronaut Upgrade

    Instructions to upgrade your applications between Micronaut framework versions
Micronaut Documentation: Reactive


  • Micronaut Reactor

    Project Reactor compatible HTTP Client. Converters and Instrumentation for Project Reactor types.
  • Micronaut RxJava 2

    Converters and Instrumentation for RxJava 2 types. RxJava 2 compatible HTTP Client.
  • Micronaut RxJava 3

    Converters and Instrumentation for RxJava 3 types. RxJava 3 compatible HTTP Client.
Micronaut Documentation: Views


Micronaut Documentation: Validation