Class UriTemplate.UriTemplateParser

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protected static class UriTemplate.UriTemplateParser extends Object
An URI template parser.
  • Method Details

    • parse

      protected void parse(List<UriTemplate.PathSegment> segments)
      Parse a list of segments.
      segments - The list of segments
    • addRawContentSegment

      protected void addRawContentSegment(List<UriTemplate.PathSegment> segments, String value, boolean isQuerySegment)
      Adds a raw content segment.
      segments - The segments
      value - The value
      isQuerySegment - Whether is a query segment
    • addVariableSegment

      protected void addVariableSegment(List<UriTemplate.PathSegment> segments, String variable, String prefix, String delimiter, boolean encode, boolean repeatPrefix, String modifierStr, char modifierChar, char operator, String previousDelimiter, boolean isQuerySegment)
      Adds a new variable segment.
      segments - The segments to augment
      variable - The variable
      prefix - The prefix to use when expanding the variable
      delimiter - The delimiter to use when expanding the variable
      encode - Whether to URL encode the variable
      repeatPrefix - Whether to repeat the prefix for each expanded variable
      modifierStr - The modifier string
      modifierChar - The modifier as char
      operator - The currently active operator
      previousDelimiter - The delimiter to use if a variable appeared before this variable
      isQuerySegment - Whether is a query segment