Interface FullHttpRequest<B>

Type Parameters:
B - The body type
All Superinterfaces:
AttributeHolder, HttpMessage<B>, HttpRequest<B>, MutableAttributeHolder
All Known Implementing Classes:

@Internal public interface FullHttpRequest<B> extends HttpRequest<B>
Allows introspecting whether the request is a full http request.
James Kleeh
  • Method Details

    • isFull

      default boolean isFull()
      Shortcut for contents() != null.
      Is the request full.
    • contents

      Get the raw body of this request. May be called multiple times. Buffer ownership is not transferred to the caller.
      The body contents or null if there are none or they are not obtainable.
    • bufferContents

      Get the contents of this request as a buffer. If this is a streaming request, the returned flow may be delayed. If buffering is not supported for this request, this may return null. Once the returned flow completes, contents() must return the same value.
      The request content, or null if buffering is not supported